Birthday Flowers

For millennia now, flowers have gone hand in hand with celebrations. There’s nothing better than opening the door to a hand-tied, fragrant bouquet of vibrant pinks and extravagant poppies or sunny yellows and white Roses to get started with your special day. Flowers have a way of standing out, being memorable and lifting your mood instantly. And, they’re the gift everyone loves! Pair these timeless petals with a ribboned box of chocolates and handwritten cards or add a classic bottle of wine to the package, and make this birthday a memory your loved ones will cherish forever.

Birthday Flowers Buying Guide

Trends rise and wither but the tradition of gifting flowers will always stand the tests of time. Flowers are time immemorial: a hallmark of shared history, respect and admiration. Whether you’re gifting a bunch of gorgeous camellias to your partner or looking for the perfect gift for a colleague or superior, there’s a right selection for every relationship in your life. Take your time and carefully select a combination that fits your beloved’s personality to a tee. Vivacious red Roses or orange poppies would be perfect for your upbeat significant other. White Camellias or Tulips will show your respect and admiration toward a senior colleague or mentor. Your favorite niece will love all those yellows, violets and pinks in the bunch. And, dahlias and lavenders will leave your mother smiling for days. Every flower carries a significant meaning. But, be careful. Some people can have allergic reactions to a certain type of flower or flowers altogether.

The right bouquet, paired with ‘happy birthday’ helium balloons, a handcrafted letter, a box of chocolates or the perfect wine selection can leave a lasting impression.

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