Plants for Gifts

Whether you choose a bunch of stark green ferns, bright blooms or simple potted white orchids, plants add a splash of color, personality and elegance to any place, instantly upgrading your home or garden’s aesthetic. You can create stunning displays in any part of your house or gift the season’s best blooms to someone and make the gesture count.

Plants Buying Guide

Home plants require more care and attention than regular, ground plants. If you’ve never taken care of home plants before and this is your first time or you’re gifting them to someone who is busy or doesn’t know much about plants, select the ones that are easy to handle and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Potted ferns and snake plants are great gifts for beginners. Remember to keep your containers clean and ensure your plants are receiving all the nutrients they need. Also, keep in mind that temperature, humidity and sunlight are factors that drastically affect your plant’s life and health.

Some plants can withstand extreme weather while others need the shade to grow and thrive. For example, Bromeliads are striking beauties that require particular attention. They love the Sun and the humid air but make sure the sun rays aren’t very harsh and that they’re watered in the center and not in the roots. Maintaining your plants and ensuring they’re getting the proper care and nutrients increase their lifespan and keep them healthy.

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