Christmas Flowers

Christmas is an occasion that transcends ethnicities and boundaries to bring together loved ones in shared joy, happiness and gratitude. It is the most vibrant time of the year. A time when streets, cities and skies come to life and light up with bright, vivacious colors. Families come together and share laughter and anecdotes over delectable home-cooked dinners and excited children huddle together in corners, tearing through gift wrappers or beaming up at giant Christmas trees. Christmas is a time for reflection, for peace and thankfulness. And, flowers encapsulate this festive spirit perfectly. No celebration is complete without a beautiful bunch of lilies, carnations, roses and orchids dotting house trees and christmas decorations. Flowers also make the perfect celebration gift. Whether you’re sending beautiful lilies back home to grandma or picking up a bouquet filled with cranberry hues, luscious fronds and wintry pine cones, the perfect Christmas bouquet is the ultimate expression of love, affection and joy.

Christmas Flowers Buying Guide

While most traditional Christmas bouquets, packages and arrangements comprise of Christmas Roses, orchids, oriental lilies, and carnations, there are no ground rules for what works and what doesn’t. Choosing the perfect Christmas bunch is about capturing the spirit of the receiver and sending out a heart-warming, thoughtful message. A vivid, striking bind of colors and luscious foliage will spellbind the hosts and sit perfectly among the other decorations. Gifting Christmas flowers to someone with a sunny, colorful personality? Take your pick from cheerful, flamboyant gerberas. Sending flowers to someone who enjoys simple, elegant whites? How about a bunch of flawless, stunning avalanche roses? The whites will continue to enchant them long after the new year night is gone. Pair your beautiful flowers with a special bottle of french champagne or a box of chocolates to complete your Christmas gift selection.

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